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Tell me a story – innovation

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Last week we were as representant of our customer SeniorLab ( in Nuremberg at the closing of the EU project HIStory on the use of life stories of older people: Computerclub invited by the CCN 50 plus: http://www

In addition to collecting stories of hundreds of Europeans, that help understand the “intra-history” of the twentieth century, there was an interesting discussion on applications of the “storytelling” (the methodology used in the project).

ValueCreation has used stoytelling in knowledge management projects. Veteran employees can transmit their knowledge better than in complex IT systems and trainings, just by doing what Germans call “Überlieferung” (the classical oral transmission of culture from olders to youngers) In this way we saved money, time and produced a rapid identification of knowledge assets.

Other participants described how energy companies with important experience in the hands of engineers close to retirement employ storytelling to create a kind of mentoring for younger employees. This would not only save the company’s knowledge capital, but generate productivity increases, since it introduces a challenging and motivating activity for close to retirement employees.

Another interesting use application of narratives was found in the care of dependent elderly in nursing homes. How can caregivers produce empathy if they do not know basic facts about the biography of dependent elders? Many people have experienced violent situations, stress or simply medical interventions that are important. This knowledge changes the way caregivers approach to dependents, talk to them, wash them and in general communicate.

  Heilig Geist Spital in Nürnberg: Computerclub 50 plus Headquarters, home of the elderly and sheltered flats center

In short, life histories are a valuable tool in many areas of business enterprise and social organization. A tool that we at ValueCreation explore and apply continuously.


Autor: Carlos Bezos Daleske

Siento curiosidad por todo lo relacionado con personas y organizaciones, especialmente en salud. Me gusta trabajar con personas y con su capacidad de innovación y co-creación. I feel very curious about everything related to people and organizations, especially in healthcare. I enjoy working with people and their ability to innovate and co-create.

3 pensamientos en “Tell me a story – innovation

  1. Hi Carlos, I very much enjoyed your post – I agree story telling is very powerful and I am hoping we are about to rediscover its power. Do any of you remember being glued to the radio as a child or breathlessly listening to grandparents recounting their personal stories? Sadly there is little of that going on these days with kids spending most time playing videogames (parents being too busy to tell stories!) and many elderly people not being in contact with younger kids. First, I was wondering if there are any programs that seek to provide opportunities for children to meet elderly for storytelling, I am sure everybody would greatly enjoy and benefit from it! Then I am thinking that we are in fact reducing the variety of learning and creative experiences by heavy shifting to visual cues (with little audio inputs). Am I right to think that many people enjoy a book more than seeing the movie made after the book? My own conclusion is that reading (or listening to) the book, allows us to imagine many of the details, which otherwise are “served as is” in a movie, with little room for your own interpretation and creativity!
    Personally, I got better response from my blog posts that are mostly telling personal stories, so I am working hard to make time to write these about life, business, and innovation lessons learned from my professional and… athletic challenges. See “Constructive Interference: interfere to innovate”, and “Sports-inspired life and business lessons”. Grown-ups seem to love them (but they grew up reading/listening to stories), do you think the new generation entering the work force will respond the same as us to storytelling?

    Me gusta

  2. Sorry, did not include the address of the Sports-inspired
    My latest story is about what I found to be essential for learning at any age: “make choices based on gaining value, rather than on losing appearances”

    Me gusta


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