Patient experience and Co-Creation in Health

Co-creating patient experience in health, pharma and wellbeing

How to make money with a 5 dollar investment

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Recently I got a very interesting reflection on how money is actually a limitation for growth. The input came via the Entrepreneurship web of the La Salle School(

But I rather leave you with the Stanford lecturer that gave her students 5 dollar and two hours to make as much money as possible. You will see that the most successful were those who did not value their money or time, but their intangible resources: imagination, observation of reality and social networks.

Ecorner Stanford


Autor: Carlos Bezos Daleske

Siento curiosidad por todo lo relacionado con personas y organizaciones, especialmente en salud. Me gusta trabajar con personas y con su capacidad de innovación y co-creación. I feel very curious about everything related to people and organizations, especially in healthcare. I enjoy working with people and their ability to innovate and co-create.


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