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ValueCreation at the Social Good Summit 2014 in Madrid

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It is an honour to participate in this years’ edition of the Social Good Summit, organized by Salud y Comunicación; in fact it is the product of Irene Tato, founder and director. This edition is the Spanish version of the famous event organized in New Yourk by Mashable (see link).

To be there in an honour, because at the Social Good Summit we will join simply the best in the field of technology, innovation and health; they will show citizen initiatives that change the world for better.

This is why Intermon Oxfam is co-leader of the SGS Madrid edition. The organization has invited high level speakers that will talk on citizen activism and how we can change together our social, political, economic or working environment.

Among those speakers you cannot miss are the leaders of 2.0 health care in Spain such as Miguel Ángel Mañez (Elda Hospital), Mónica Moro (Wikisanidad), Óscar Brihuega (Red Pacientes), Frederic Llordachs (Doctoralia) or Joan Carles March (Escuela Andaluza de Salud Pública).

You can find the goals and the program of the summit at this link.

I hope you can attend and to see you there.






Autor: Carlos Bezos Daleske

Siento curiosidad por todo lo relacionado con personas y organizaciones, especialmente en salud. Me gusta trabajar con personas y con su capacidad de innovación y co-creación. I feel very curious about everything related to people and organizations, especially in healthcare. I enjoy working with people and their ability to innovate and co-create.


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