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One year of ICU humanization manifesto

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Today we celebrate the first anniversary of the “Declaration of Torrejón” for the humanization of intensive care, promoted by the project “Humanizing Intensive Care”,  led by Gabriel Heras. That day the hashtag #humaniza was also created in order that engaged professionals and patients can create awareness.

I would like congratulate “Humanizing Intensive Care” for the great job they are doing and remember that on May 26th and 27th you have the opportunity to learn more at the Congress on Humanization that will be held in Barcelona those days. Last year’s congress was very rich in insights and knowledge and I can only recommend it, not only to intensive care specialists, but to very professional and patient interested in humanization, quality of care and patient experience.




Autor: Carlos Bezos Daleske

Siento curiosidad por todo lo relacionado con personas y organizaciones, especialmente en salud. Me gusta trabajar con personas y con su capacidad de innovación y co-creación. I feel very curious about everything related to people and organizations, especially in healthcare. I enjoy working with people and their ability to innovate and co-create.


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